In addition to traditional procedures, we design and model structures in the latest 3D BIM and CAD software (Scia Engineer, Tekla Structures, Idea Statica, GstarCad and others). The output format of the manufacturing documentation takes into account the requirements of the cutting-edge CNC production equipment, registration procedures and labeling of individual items and parts. At the same time, in cooperation with our assembly workers, we apply the use of 3D models of structures in the construction process to eliminate inaccuracies and streamline work procedures.

An efficient, accurate and high-quality production process is ensured by teams of our experienced employees, working with the state-of-the-art machinery and software equipment.
Production of steel structures
The main activity of the company is the production of steel structures for a wide range of industries and transport structures. We have production and storage areas, which take into account the production process from raw dense material to the final surface treatment and storage of finished products. Each year, we produce up to 10 000 tons of steel structures.

The company constantly invests in its development by procuring new machines and equipment, software equipment and mechanisms, as well as providing training and education for its employees.

We provide transport and assemble the steel parts into the resulting construction work
Transport and assembly of steel structures
With our own freight fleet, we can transport both standard and oversized parts directly from the production premises to the construction site, where we smoothly ensure their assembly using our own assembly machinery, such as assembly platforms and cranes, for different handling levels and loads.
We have experience with transport and assembly work not only on the territory of the Slovak Republic and neighboring countries, but also in countries such as Denmark, Sweden and Finland.
In addition to the assembly of steel structures, we can also install roof and facade cladding.
Years of

High quality of the completed projects is the result of many years of experience of our employees and their mutual cooperation, high-quality and modern machinery and modern installation equipment and tools.