New construction and partial rehabilitation of the H1 Volkswagen welding plant in Bratislava, Slovakia

Production, transport and assembly of steel structure for the roof of the production hall with floor plan dimensions of 143 x 239 m, 15-m high, and the rooftop Penthouse with dimensions of 24 x 215 m and the height of 7.25 m above the roof level. The supporting system of the hall is made up of prefabricated reinforced concrete columns and a system of lattice steel roof girders and girders with parts of 24 x 4.2 m in size, which were a challenge in terms of oversized transport to the construction site. The Penthouse support system consists of full-wall steel frames made of rolled HEA400 profiles (columns), or HEA450 (facade).

Part of the work supplied was also the manufacturing and assembly documentation for part of the main load-bearing structure of the roof and the steel structures of the facades in their entirety.

Year of execution
neprelozene Investor
Volkswagen Slovakia, a.s.
Stavokov spol. s r.o.
Weight of steel structures
1952 t


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